VIA Rail Canada Pensioners’ Association


In the past VIA Rail has provided a list of pensioners’ names and addresses to the Association for communication and membership purposes.  In accordance with the Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, this practice is discontinued. To correct the situation, the pensioner or surviving spouse (widow or widower), must give their consent to VIA Rail to provide this information to the Association (see form below).

All information provided by VIA Rail will be treated as personal and confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of communication and membership purposes between the Association and you.

By placing a check mark in the box on the application form, you are authorizing VIA Rail to share the information with the Association. However, if the box is not checked out, this will be considered as a refusal to disclose information and unfortunately the association will be unable to communicate with you.

Monthly payroll deduction

When you accept the monthly payroll deduction on your check,

You insure that:

  • The Association receive your contribution.
  • You receive a plasticized membership card, otherwise we will issue a card that is good for the year we receive payment.
  • You will not forget to send your check every year.
  • The Association and You, we are reducing our bank expenses, postage expenses and paperwork.
  •  The payroll deduction will begin when the application form is received and will continue until VIA Rail Canada is advised to discontinue deduction.

We thank you for your comprehension and your support.

Donald Tremblay
National President.

Download: Application form (PDF download)

Save, print, and fill in the form.

Mail to: VIA Rail Pension Plans Service Centre
PO Box 2220, Station Don Mills
Toronto ON M3C 0M7