List of deceased retirees for 2015 and January 2016

The following is the list the deceased retirees for 2015 and January 2016. The Association offers their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the departed.

in memoriam

Mountains Region
Name dd-mm-yy City Prov.
Macri Salvatore 21-03-15 Vancouver  BC
Williams William(Paul) 17-05-15 Vancouver  BC
Teplitsky Galina 12-07-15 Vancouver  BC
Witwiky Carl 07-09-15 Edmonton  AB
Engineer Jimmy 05-01-16 Vancouver  BC
Wilmot George 16-01-16 Vancouver  BC
Prairies Region
Name dd-mm-yy City Prov.
Fraser Hugh 17-04-15 Biggar  SK
Criss Elmer 23-04-15 Winnipeg  MB
Engel Larry 15-05-15 Winnipeg  MB
Hiatt George 18-05-15 Winnipeg  MB
Saunders Donald 18-05-15 Biggar  SK
Morris Gilbert 16-06-15 Winnipeg  MB
Roach William 24-07-15 Biggar  SK
Beckett Harry 27-07-15 Biggar  SK
Sherbrook Edward 07-08-15 Melville SK
Scott Marvin 25-09-15 Canora SK
Yarema John 26-11-15 Dauphin  MB
Bencharski Nick 02-01-16 Winnipeg  MB
Atlantic Region
Name dd-mm-yy City Prov.
Dumaresq David 16-02-15 Halifax  NS
Gallagher Eugene 19-02-15 Fredericton  NB
Dugas James 02-05-15 Moncton  NB
Prince Robert 11-06-15 Moncton  NB
Magee Harold 06-08-15 Moncton  NB
Hiltz Dudley 18-09-15 Halifax  NS
Trites Rita 28-11-15 Moncton  NB
Johnson Nick 10-12-15 Halifax  NS
Ontario Region
Name dd-mm-yy City Prov.
Hesling George 15-01-15 Toronto  ON
Carr Allan 18-01-15 Toronto  ON
Retty Kevin 29-01-15 Toronto  ON
Coulson Cyril 04-02-15 Toronto  ON
Douglas Leo 12-02-15 Toronto  ON
Purcell Beatrice 26-02-15 Toronto  ON
Carter Clifton 15-03-15 Toronto  ON
Nunes Jorge 16-03-15 Toronto  ON
Woods David 19-03-15 Brockville  ON
Warwaruk Anne 31-03-15 Toronto  ON
Penney Raymond 04-04-15 Toronto  ON
Philip Costa 21-04-15 Toronto  ON
Veerasamy Cecil 09-05-15 Toronto  ON
Billing Jennifer 15-05-15 London  ON
Winfield David 26-06-15 Toronto  ON
Sosniak John 04-07-15 Toronto  ON
Strachan Jack 16-07-15 Toronto  ON
Grech Anthony 04-08-15 Toronto  ON
Morant James 15-08-15 Sarnia  ON
Honsberger Larry 14-10-15 Toronto  ON
Reilly Francis 01-11-15 Toronto  ON
McClelland Robert 01-11-15 Toronto  ON
Van-Allen William 01-11-15 Toronto  ON
Québec Region
Name dd-mm-yy City Prov.
Brathwaite Aubrey 02-01-15 Montréal  QC
Lee Margery 06-01-15 Montréal QC
Gignac Roch 19-01-15 Montréal  QC
Taylor Geroge 21-01-15 Montréal  QC
Taylor Robert 19-02-15 Montréal  QC
Simard Bertrand 28-02-15 Québec  QC
Girard Yvan 02-03-15 Québec  QC
Barrette Maurice 05-03-15 Montréal  QC
Szcibor Joanna 25-03-15 Montréal  QC
Duhaime Gaston 05-04-15 Senneterre  QC
Attas Ino 14-04-15 Montréal  QC
Medford Melville 10-05-15 Montréal  QC
Morrell Anthony 01-06-15 Montréal QC
Dufresne Joseph Gaston 06-06-15 Montréal  QC
Joannette Michel 27-08-15 Montréal  QC
Beaudet Raymond 23-09-15 Montréal  QC
Flowers Lise 05-11-15 Montréal  QC
Campeau Tillie 29-11-15 Montréal  QC
Barrow Clarence 31-12-15 Montréal QC
Dumais Raymond 24-01-16 Montréal  QC