Donald Tremblay

Donald Tremblay

Welcome to the introductory page of the Via Rail Canada Pensioners Association web site.

First, we of the executive of the Association, wish to thank all our predecessors for the job done before us.

To the members, we offer this web site. Explore it!

This web site of the Association, will allow you to be kept informed on subjects of interest as well as activities in your region.

Your comments, your implication and your participation will keep these pages important for all of us. We understand that some pensioners meet for breakfast, on a monthly basis. We encourage you to continue, better, please keep us informed so we could include your activity on our agenda under “Regional” and maybe we can have more people interested to participate.

Do not hesitate to share the web information with members that are not connected to the Internet, because they too would like to take part in the life of the Association.

If you wish to join the Association, please fill out the application in the “JOIN” section.

Good exploration!

Donald Tremblay
National President.